Sunday, 8 September 2013

fridge magnets

Hello friends,
So here I am again after a long time, with a little one to take care of I hardly get enough time to craft. Anyhow yesterday my dear daughter turned two and I wanted to make something handmade for her friends as return gifts. After too much thinking I finalized these fridge magnets cum name plates which the kids can hang on fridge or use as name plates for their rooms.
And as soon as I finished making them I had to pack them as I was running short of time hence forgot to click some nice pics. These are the pictures I took from my phone while making them. I am so sooorrryyy for bad pictures. These are all hand painted ones despite of one which is paper crafting.
I will now you with the pics..

I made a total of 14 but have only 7 pics, from which two are incomplete.. :(
thanks for stopping by..