Friday, 22 July 2016

Show and tell- different seasons!!

Hey everyone!!!
Long time, no see!!! I know, sorry for being MIA. anyways, now I am here, let me tell you I really had a tough time with my daughter's holidays homework this summer. kids these days get so many projects that its us the parents who are on our toes. So I thought I should share my experiences of doing projects for my daughter with my lovely readers. hence, I am starting with a series about the kids projects on my blog. Every now and then I will share the projects I am doing for kids. First in the series is show and tell competition. Every parent has to make props for show and tell competition at school. Usually School gives you topic and the child has to speak about the given topic using some props. 
It was my daughter's show and tell competition at school yesterday. 
Topic given was: I am thankful....  
Class: KG/Prep
Age group: 2-4 years
We chose the topic: I am thankful to God for different seasons. As my daughter knows about different seasons. we chose summer, winters and rain. I do not know how she performed but the teacher liked the props and kept at school. I don't expect her to speak a lot but even if she stands confidently in front of mike I am happy with that too. So, Sharing with you all the pictures of the props we made:

 for summers we have shown butterfly, icecream, fruits, juice, flowers. we have used the puffy stickers from market, icecream is made with paper and pom poms.

for winters we have shown snow man, hot soup, jacket, muffler, cap and orange. used stickers, print outs and for snow man used cotton. 

for rain we have shown rainbow, clouds, umbrella, frog etc. 
Little Vrinda helped me pasting all the stuff and this way she could remember some of her lines.
update:  Vrinda got best presentation for this competition. 
So thats it for today!!!
I hope you liked the post.